Helicon Filter

Helicon Filter 5.8

Helicon Filter is a program for image editing with task oriented interface

Helicon Filter is a powerful photo editor that serves many purposes: image retouching, photo enhancement, digital photo processing, etc. It is recommended for professional photo editors, as well as for digital photographers. It includes a wide array of tools that will take you through all the necessary steps of digital photo processing.

I was really impressed by the graphical interface of Helicon Filter, as it is very appealing and intuitive. You can easily access various retouching tools and customize them before working with your photos. In addition to this, Helicon Filter comes with a collection of presets that will simplify your work. For example, when you need to adjust the brightness of a photo, you can choose from presets like: normal or aggressive auto brightness, auto contrast, aggressive auto contrast, local contrast, etc. Similar presets are available for noise reduction, color adjustment, sharpening and distortion, etc.

Helicon Filter supports all graphic formats that you can think of. This also includes RAW format, making the program a favorite choice among digital photographers. Moreover, Helicon Filter also comes with a set of sample images, as well as detailed tutorials regarding the usage of the application.

Helicon Filter is a well-designed program that includes all the necessary tools for photo editing and retouching. I strongly recommend it.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Supports shell-menu integration
  • Appealing graphical interface
  • Includes many filters and effects


  • Requires a lot of RAM
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